Relaxation Massage

30 mins - $60
45 mins - $80
1 hour - $90

Choose your pressure; soft, medium or firm, for a relaxing massage that will send you into pure bliss.
Experience the magic of relaxation massage. Using signature scents from our Pure Fiji range, this head to toe massage is designed to soothe the muscles and the mind.

Hahana Stone Massage
1 hour 15 mins - $120

Relax, unwind and be transported to another dimension with Hahana stone massage. Your journey begins with exotic coconut based oil massaged into the body followed with heated volcanic stones which have been smoothed over thousands of years by gently flowing currents of water. Then in a firm and rhythmic massage sequence, the stones release their healing energies deep into the muscles, dissolving tension and stress.

Bamboo Massage
1 hour 15 mins $120

Relax with the ancient technique of Bamboo. This massage promotes a perfect balance of gentle heat with the combination of healing properties. Assists in treatment of stress, tension and fatigue.

Corporate Massage

We offer a mobile, seated or bed massage service to companies anywhere within the CBD. Our therapists visit your office during business hours to perform 15-20 minute massages for employers and employees.

There is a two-hour minimum booking fee per session and prices vary according to the number of hours and duration of each massage. Discounts will apply for long term contracts.

All prices include GST. Prices subject to change without notice. 1.5% service fee applies to all credit card payments. A surcharge applies on all public holiday bookings.